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  • Fourth Treatment Room Opens – Essen facility is the Largest Proton Therapy Centre Located at a University Hospital in Germany

    The WPE has commissioned its fourth treatment room, making the WPE the largest proton therapy centre of its kind at a university hospital in Germany. The expanded treatment capacity will now be used by the team to offer proton therapy to even more people with cancer. “With the commissioning of the fourth and, therefore, theRead more

  • Proton Therapy with Intensity Modulation at the WPE

    Since January 2015, intensity modulated proton irradiation therapy (IMPT) has also been carried out at the West German Proton Therapy Centre in Essen (WPE). “In addition to the use of the magnetic, active beam guidance (“Pencil Beam Scanning”), the first commissioning of our new planning system, the so-called “RayStation”, was launched in January 2015, accordingRead more

  • Study on the Quality of Life in Children with Cancer

    A prospective study on the health-related quality of life of children with brain and cranial base tumours from the age of 2 -7 years has now been started by the West German Proton Therapy Centre in Essen (WPE). “The rate of healing in children with cancer is now very high. Since the quality of lifeRead more

  • The Fourth Interdisciplinary Training Course “Radiotherapy of Cancer Diseases in Childhood” Took Place on 3-4 December 2015 in Essen, Germany

    On the 3rd and 4th of December 2015, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. med. Beate Timmermann, the 4th Interdisciplinary Training Event “Radiation Therapy of Cancer Diseases in Childhood” of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Paediatrian Radioonkologie (APRO) was a huge success. Fifty-one participants from all over Germany were present. As in previous years, the event was organizedRead more

  • World Brain Tumour Day 2016

    World Brain Tumour Day 2016

    The event to celebrate the World Brain Tumour Day took place on 15 June 2016 at the West German Cancer Centre (WTZ) in Essen, Germany. On 15 June 2016, the West German Proton Therapy Centre in Essen (WPE) conducted a training course on “Modern Therapy for Brain Tumours on Adults – New Chances and Opportunities”.Read more

  • WPE is a part of the Oncological Center of Excellence

    Essen, 8 July 2016 – The funding initiative of the German Cancer Aid (Deutsche Krebshilfe e.V.) has once again awarded the West German Cancer Centre (WTZ) at the Essen University Hospital (UK Essen) as an “Oncology Center of Excellence”. This award was followed by an extensive assessment of an international team of experts after theRead more

  • The Ice Princesses Visit the WPE

    The Ice Princesses Visit the WPE

    The West German Proton Therapy Centre in Essen (WPE) received a very special visit: two ice princesses. They came to visit the young patients, paint their faces, put on nail polish and dress them up to look like radiant ice princesses. Afterwards, they all danced, played, performed a little magic and sang together with theirRead more

  • 500th patient

    High Chance of Recovery Thanks to Proton Therapy The West German Proton Therapy Centre Essen (WPE) treats its 500th patient: Mr. M. shares his positive experience Essen, Germany: August 8, 2016 Mr M. (67) has a Prostatic Carcinoma, the most common malignant tumour in men and the second most common cause of cancer-related deaths inRead more

  • ENLIGHT – Status Report of the West German Proton Therapy Center Essen (WPE), Germany

    START OF THE CLINICAL PROGAM After a long period of project planning, extensive measurements and thoughtful testing, WPE finally started clinical operations in early summer of 2013. Beforehand, two major challenges had to be mastered with the recruitment of medical and technical experts as well as with getting numerous employees like Radiation Therapy Technologists (RTTs), clinicians and medical physicists trained inRead more

  • Tracking down the beam

    Tracking down the beam

    Simple measurement method from Dresden improves accuracy in proton beam therapy Press release of September 22, 2015 Proton beams are new high-precision weapons in the fight against cancer. However, uncertainty with regard to the range of the beams has prevented the full exploitation of the potential of this method until now. Researchers all over theRead more