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Psychosocial support during radiotherapy

Coping with cancer and the associated changes and restrictions is a challenge for patients of all ages, and for their relatives. It calls for a lot of strength – both physically and mentally.

The Psychosocial Service at WPE offers you and your relatives support and assistance. At your request, we’ll be happy to support you throughout your therapy. The following offerings are available:

  • Explanatory information on the procedures and requirements of proton therapy
  • Needs-based support during radiotherapy (including preparatory measures)
  • Face-to-face discussions in a shielded environment – during radiotherapy and in crisis situations
  • Relaxation techniques and other methods to reduce physical and mental tension
  • Referral to further sources of assistance and contact to self-help groups

As part of the overall treatment concept at WPE, it goes without saying that this service is always confidential and free of extra charge.

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Would you like to find out more about our psychosocial service? Then contact us via our case management.

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The case management of WPE will assist you with questions you may have.

Tailored help for adults and children

Everyone has their own way of dealing with their specific illness and treatment. With this in mind, the Psychosocial Service at WPE has developed age-appropriate guidance and support concepts enabling us – in consultation with you – to put together a programme that’s tailored to your particular needs and gives you the best possible support during treatment.

Our Psychosocial Service team speaks German and some English. Interpreters can be brought in to assist with these support services.

Accompanying therapy programmes for children and adolescents

Read about what support children and adolescents may need during proton therapy and what support the Psychosocial Service can provide.

Accompanying therapy programmes for adults

Find out what support options are available from the Psychosocial Service for adults undergoing proton therapy.


If you have any questions concerning the Psychosocial Service, please contact our Case Management team. We’re happy to help.

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    Case management

    The case management of WPE will assist you with questions you may have