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Proton therapy for sarcomas

Below we have compiled information about the possibilities for the treatment of sarcomas with the aid of proton therapy (PT). At the present time, we treat all benign and malignant tumours with which no large metal implants have been placed and are not subject to breathing movement. As a rule, these are sarcomas of the base of the skull, facial skull, trunk, spine and pelvis. These can be different sub-types of tumours of the soft tissues, bone, or cartilagenous and connective and supporting tissue, such as rhabdomyosarcomas, osteosarcomas, Ewing sarcomas, or ochondrosarcomas. As a rule, a preoperative irradiation is no exclusion criterion. Nevertheless, here the possibility of repeating irradiation must be carefully examined in relation to the old irradiation documentation. The therapy options and the course of the therapy at our centre are always oriented to the individual clinical picture of each patient.

Treatable diagnoses

  •  Angiosarcoma
  •  Chondrosarcoma
  •  Chordoma
  •  Desmoid tumours
  •  Epithelioid sarcoma
  •  Ewing sarcoma
  •  Fibromatosis
  •  Fibromyxosarcoma
  •  Leiomyosarcoma
  •  Liposarcoma
  •  Nerve sheath tumour
  •  Osteoblastoma
  •  Osteosarcoma
  •  pPNET
  •  Rhabdoid tumour
  •  Rhabdomyosarcoma
  •  Synovial sarcom

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The case management of WPE will assist you with questions you may have.

Frequently asked questions

If you have a recommendation for radiotherapy from your attending medical specialist or oncologist, proton therapy is in principle possible. Decisive, however, is always the individual indication. Consequently, our radiotherapy specialists (radio-oncologists) examine each individual case beforehand.

Depending on the exact condition, location and size, surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy may be used in the treatment of sarcomas. Like radiotherapy with photons, proton therapy is not applied in isolation, but as part of an interdisciplinary therapy plan. Representatives of all relevant specialist disciplines determine this in so-called tumor boards, for each individual patient and the disease individually.
Thus, a radiation therapy of sarcomas both before surgery (neoadjuvant) – especially in large tumors – done to reduce the size of the tumor or even following surgery (adjuvant) to destroy any remaining tumor cells in the body. In exceptional cases, a single irradiation without surgery is possible, especially if a surgical procedure for medical reasons is not possible.

For a first quick and individual check of whether proton therapy is suitable for you in princible, we need a summary medical report or alternatively the doctor and surgical reports in English or German as well as up-to-date CT or MRI images.

For the subsequent planning of your therapy, we need additional documents, which we have compiled for you in this list of required documents:

pdf Cover
Required Documents
PDF-Dokument, 311 kBLaden

If you have further questions, our Case Management will be happy to help.

Contact our case management

Our Case Management staff will be pleased to advise you personally in all questions and control the therapy at the WPE.

In addition, they help you with the compilation of the required documentation and direct you to a radiotherapy specialist. Please contact us in the event that the sarcoma relevant for you is not listed here – we examine each individual case in detail

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