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Therapy enquiry for proton therapy at WPE

If you are interested in proton therapy at WPE and would like to know how to obtain a treatment place with us, you’ll find all the information you need here.

Do I have to contact WPE myself?

Essentially, you, your relatives or your case doctors can submit a therapy enquiry to us – by telephone or e-mail, or by using our contact form.

To make the enquiry process as easy as possible, we’ve put together a group of people that will look after you from initial contact to commencement of therapy itself: our Case Management team.

They will answer your questions, make appointments with you and give you initial feedback on whether your diagnosis is suitable for proton therapy at WPE.

What documents do I need to submit?

To enable our radio-oncological team to determine whether proton therapy is a suitable treatment option for you, we need the following documents at the outset:

  • A summarised medical report (with information on your diagnosis and the course of your illness/treatment)
  • Medical and surgical reports (as an alternative to the summarised medical report)
  • Current CT or MRI images on CD/DVD (incl. corresponding written findings)
  • Biopsy findings (histological findings)

Once all the documents have been submitted, we’ll let you know within 1-2 days whether proton therapy can be performed on you. If the answer is yes, we’ll invite you to an initial consultation. Please note that all documents must be submitted in German or English!

Contact us

The case management of WPE will assist you with questions you may have.

Initial consultation at WPE

If proton therapy is a suitable option for treating your medical condition, you and your relatives will attend our two-day initial consultation.

Initial consultation documents:

pdf Cover

Documents needed

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Day 1 of the initial consultation: Getting to know each other

On the first day of your initial consultation you’ll have a one-hour consultation with a doctor from our team. We’ll verify the indication together, discuss the treatment objectives, look at the available examination results and discuss the course of treatment and possible risks.

You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss any unanswered questions about the process or organisational aspects with our Case Management staff.

Day 2 of the initial consultation: planning your radiotherapy

If you decide during Day 1 of the initial consultation to undergo proton therapy at WPE, the planning appointment will take place on Day 2.

At this appointment, depending on which part of your body is to undergo radiotherapy, we’ll prepare special positioning aids in the form of vacuum cushions, plaster shells or masks. These will subsequently help you maintain the same position and avoid movements during radiotherapy. This will help us direct the proton therapy beams onto the diseased tissue with millimetre precision – for optimum therapeutic effect.

At the planning appointment we’ll also perform the following:

  • Planning CT (computer tomography)
  • Planning MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)

Both procedures produce cross-sectional images of your body. These give us a three-dimensional CT model of you, the patient, enabling us to plan and simulate your treatment with great precision ahead of time.

Cost coverage of proton therapy

The way in which the costs of proton therapy are covered varies depending on which country you come from.

We support all patients in clarifying costs right from the start.

Start of therapy

Following the initial consultation, we’ll develop your individual radiotherapy plan. This is a time-consuming process and takes anywhere up to two weeks.

Once the radiotherapy plan has been drawn up, the radiotherapy itself can begin. Our Case Management team will arrange the dates with you in good time.

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Therapy enquiries at WPE

If you’d like to know how to obtain a therapy place at WPE, you’ll find all the necessary information here

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    The case management of WPE will assist you with questions you may have.