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Psychological service for adults

Patients who come to WPE for radiotherapy could hardly be more different. Whether it’s age, origin, family circumstances or their tumour and treatment experiences – all these factors vary widely and create a unique situation for each patient at WPE.

It also results in a broad range of individual stress profiles, and whatever your particular situation, our Psychosocial Service will endeavour to give you the support you need during radiotherapy – in a way that’s tailored to your needs.

The Psychosocial Service for adults offers various support options and services that you can use throughout your treatment at WPE – for the best possible therapy outcome.

Psychosocial Service – the three building blocks

In order to treat worries and fears during radiotherapy to best effect, our Psychosocial Service team uses the following three types of practical support:

  • Accompanying you to radiotherapy
  • Counselling discussions during therapy and in crisis situations
  • Conducting relaxation exercises

This means that you, the patient, obtain comprehensive expert support throughout all stages of treatment.

Examining your case details

Not everyone experiences and processes their illness and treatment in the same way. That’s why, at WPE, we always focus on your subjective experience.

During our initial consultation, which is organised by Case Management, we’ll get a picture of your stress situation by looking in detail at your psychosocial case details:

  • What worries and fears exist?
  • Is there emotional support coming from family and relatives?
  • Are you single?
  • What is your work situation?

In this way, we’ll create a personal profile that helps us work with you to identify stress factors and develop individual coping strategies.

Aim of the Psychosocial Service

The aim of our psychosocial activity is to stabilise you psychologically and relieve the pressure on you as a patient during your entire treatment – so you can concentrate fully on the proton therapy.

We also want to:

  • Prevent crises and help you to deal with them in a solution-minded way
  • Activate individual and social resources
  • Provide acute practical support

As a rule, we also include accompanying family members and children if they are accompanying you during therapy.

Kraft in schwierigen Zeiten

Mit einem klangvollen Ritual verabschiedet das WPE seit diesem Jahr seine Patienten nach der letzten…

A special way to mark the end of your therapy: our “Glückauf Bell”

When patients complete their final radiotherapy session at WPE, they get to ring a bell mounted on the lobby wall – harking back to Essen’s mining heritage when miners going off duty would greet the incoming shift with the word “Glückauf”, wishing them a safe return to ground level.

It can be rung (loudly and proudly) by all those – young and old – who have completed this important milestone, expressing pride in their own achievements and as an encouragement to others.

The “Glückauf Bell” was unveiled by German actor Henning Baum. Read our article to find out more.

Please contact us

Your initial consultation at WPE will include an appointment with a member of staff from our Psychosocial Service. If you have any questions before then, you’re welcome to contact us by telephone via Case Management or directly by e-mail:

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    Case management

    The case management of WPE will assist you with questions you may have