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Covering the cost of proton therapy at WPE

Once the question of whether proton therapy is an optimum treatment alternative for you has been answered, and once you’ve decided to go down that route, all that remains to be clarified is who will cover the cost of your proton therapy.

You don’t have to do this alone – our Case Management team will help you clarify how the costs are to be met. We’ll do this once we have determined your eligibility for treatment and once you’ve made the decision to go ahead with an initial consultation at WPE. You’ll find the key information below.

Case management

The case management of WPE will assist you with questions you may have

Covering the cost of proton therapy for EU patients

If you are a patient from an EU member state, the principles of medical freedom apply to you. This means that you can also undergo medical treatment in Germany and claim the costs from your health insurance fund. This also applies if you live in another EU country and are only travelling to Germany for the purpose of proton therapy.

There is a formalised treatment billing procedure in place between foreign and German statutory health insurance funds. We need two documents for this:

  • The E 112/S2 form (must be the original. Available from your health insurer).
  • A copy of your passport

Please contact our Case Management team in advance so that you can apply for the correct document with the correct wording.

Important information on the foreign insurance system

The foreign insurance system may stipulate certain formal obligations that you must meet as a patient. It is therefore essential that you contact your health insurer before treatment commences.

However, these arrangements relate only to the cost of proton therapy and any anaesthetics! Additional expenses – such as interpreters, accommodation, travel and subsistence – are not covered by these arrangements and must be clarified separately and, if necessary, met by yourself. The German health insurance system does not cover these costs either, so cost coverage only ever relates to medical services. Please do clarify this in advance.

Short information: If your health insurance company is not affiliated with the E112/S2 billing procedure, we will charge an advance payment for the treatment based on a cost estimate. You must pay this before treatment begins.

Get in contact with us

Would you like to find out more about the cost coverage of your proton therapy or do you have specific questions? Please write to us. Our case management team will be happy to advise you and is there for you.

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    Case management

    The case management of WPE will assist you with questions you may have