A Unique Selling Point

As the only proton centre in Germany, research and education at university level standards are a focus of our work at the WPE. The application of proton therapy should be possible in the future at the WPE for a particularly wide range of indications and for a large number of patients.

This allows for the latest technology and equipment of the proton therapy centre. In addition, the WPE is a 100% owned subsidiary of the University Hospital Essen that is connected to the largest oncology center in Germany, the West German Cancer Centre (WTZ). Therefore, research and application can take place hand in hand with us – a unique selling point.

The Clinic for Particle Therapy at the WPE is part of the medical faculty of the University of Duisburg-Essen and steadily promotes the scientific and clinical training of students, graduates and staff.

Beyond the connection to the University Hospital Essen and the internal cooperation with various other hospitals, there are other collaborations with external partners to further advance the networking in the context of research and education.

WPE Forschung und Lehre in der Strahlentherapie.