Research & Therapy

Studies are intended for scientific research and therapy optimisation. Since not only the medical success of proton therapy, but also the compatibility and the subsequent quality of life of patients is very important to us, all data collected during the treatment and the further course of the disease at the WPE are documented and evaluated.

The results obtained in this way will make it possible to more successfully assess the risks and benefits of proton therapy in the future. Based on this data, new treatment standards can be established and future study designs can be developed.

Currently, there is a registry study for adults and one for children. With an increasing number of patients, future studies relating to the base data will follow. Every clinical trial must be submitted for approval by an ethics committee and sometimes even by a federal agency. Only when the supervisory body expresses no concern about the clinical trial, can it be conducted.

Approval and Control by the Ethics Committee

Ethics committees are composed of both independent medical experts and medical laymen. The Commission shall review study ideas on their scientific research (study design) – but above all, it checks whether patients’ interests and safety are maintained. These are recorded in the globally valid Declaration of Helsinki, the so-called Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and are continually reviewed, amended and updated.

For all studies to be carried out at the West German Proton Therapy Centre in Essen, the Ethics Committee of the Medical Faculty of the University of Duisburg-Essen is responsible.


How You Can Participate in Studies

If you are asked to participate in a study at the WPE, you can discuss your questions with the competent doctors in detail and then decide whether you want to accept our offer or not. It would be helpful to us in better understanding your medical condition and/or to improving your treatment should you express a willingness to participate. You would not only help the medical team at the WPE but also cancer treatment teams worldwide to develop “better medicine” for you and other patients.