Proton therapy for prostate cancer

In the case of prostate cancer, radiotherapy with protons is a possible alternative. The advantage of proton therapy compared with conventional photon beam therapy is that the tumour tissue can be struck with very high precision, sparing healthy tissue. Proton therapy can evolve its full potential in the irradiation of prostate cancer. While the high radiation dose improves the chance of recovery, at the same time the high precision reduces the danger of side effects occurring in the neighbouring organs. For the irradiation of prostate cancer, this is particularly the case with the rectum and the bladder, as these are in the immediate proximity of the prostate. These regions are treated with particular care.

Special features of prostate cancer irradiation

Prior to performing proton therapy, so-called gold markers are placed. These are gold spirals, which always show the exact position of the prostate under fluoroscopy and allow the constant, precise adjustment of our radiation unit. Furthermore, a so-called rectal balloon fixes the positions of the intestines and prostate during the proton therapy. In addition, positioning cushions and thermoplastic pelvic masks are individually fabricated for you. This serves the purpose of ensuring that you are always in the same position for the daily irradiation.

Is this therapy an option for my prostate cancer?

The therapy is always oriented to your individual disease and situation. Our Case Management staff can provide you with initial information. Following the examination of your documentation by a radio-oncologist, you will be informed about the possibility of radiotherapy at the WPE.

Fundamentally, all patients with a recommendation for radiotherapy can be treated with proton therapy, provided that no distant metastases have developed. For each patient, our radio-oncologists examine whether proton therapy can be offered.

Documents needed

To review your request for treatment with proton therapy, we require a summary medical report or PSA score, histology results and radiographic results in English or German.

Contacting us

If you have questions or would like to know whether proton therapy comes into question for you personally, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Case Management will be pleased to answer your questions.