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Joint event of the University Hospital Bonn and University Hospital Essen!

Due to the rarity of intracranial germ cell tumors, an interdisciplinary, international network with specialist associations was established very early on to ensure the best possible treatment for patients.

We are delighted to be hosting this international germ cell tumour meeting 2025 in Germany for the first time!

In recent years, many new findings on this disease entity have been collected and published. The focus has been on the effect of radiotherapy and the possibilities of dose reduction, treatment options for high-risk patients and the use of new biomarkers such as microRNA. The results of the European SIOPCNS GCT II study, which was conducted by the German Group, have made an important contribution to this. We would now like to take the opportunity to invite the international specialist community to Germany during the planning and development phase of a follow-up protocol for children and adolescents with germ cell tumours and to contribute to a worldwide transfer of knowledge on this rare type of tumour at this symposium. It is also our aim to make the reference centres for the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumours implemented in Germany internationally visible.

We chose Essen as the venue for the event, firstly to demonstrate the proximity to the radiotherapy reference centre, but also because Prof. Timmermann and her team are also leading reference radiotherapy consultants for CNS germ cell tumour patients here. As proton therapy plays an important role here, the location is ideal for giving participants an insight into Essen University Hospital and the West German Proton Therapy Centre Essen.


The event will take place at the University Hospital Essen, Audimax in Essen.


You will soon be able to register for the event on this page. If you would like to be informed about the start of registration, please send us an e-mail and we will inform you.


Program will follow shortly.